• The specific girl that you selected may not be available depending on prior reservations. However, you can trust Bieru to send only the highest quality girls.

Price List (inclusive of taxes and tips.)

USD to JPY Exchange Rate 1USD = 135JPY

60分 18,000円
75分 22,000円
90分 26,000円
120分 36,000円
180min 54,000(approx. 395U.S.Dollars)
Extra fee for the additional time

(every 20min)

8,000(approx. 58U.S.Dollars)
Delivery fee Kabuki-cho 0 yen
Sinjuku area 1,000 yen
Akasaka area 2,000 yen
Ginza area 3,000 yen
Shinagawa area 3,000 yen

Payment must be made in Japanese yen.

Cash only

Japan’s Fuzoku culture or “sex culture” started During the Edo period during the 1600s.

Japan is famous for its cultural traditions, and during this time a vibrant Japanese “sex culture” of its own was developed.

However, to retain women’s rights, the government decided to prohibit prostitution in the 1950s.

To this day formal prostitution, is still outlawed in Japan.

Despite the various laws put in place that outlaw prostitution, Sex culture in Japan has found a way to continue to grow within the bounds of the law.

Bieru is a completely legal service.

As long as there is no direct sexual intercourse between the two parties, there is no violation of the law.

Due to these circumstances, sex culture in Japan has changed to its current form “Fuzoku”.

This word can roughly be translated as non-direct sexual intercourse.

About us

Bieru is a place where you can find the spirit of Omotenashi.

We only deliver girls who have passed a rigorous interview process. In addition, all girls are obligated to attend training in areas of manners, and numerous lesson on sexual entertainment.

Please enjoy the dedicated service, beauty and kindness of our Japanese girls.

How to order

  1. Just call us and ask for Sam. He is the only stuff who can speak English.
  2. Give your name, nationality, and the room number of the hotel you are staying at.
  3. Request the girl you are interested in, and decide a course (70 minutes,100 minutes, or 130 minutes)
  4. The hard work is finished, now just hang up the phone, and wait until the doorbell ring.
  5. Our staff will show up first with a form that must be signed and agreed upon.
  6. After you have signed the form, and paid the fee in cash, then the party starts.
  7. As long as there is no direct vaginal intercourse, you may direct the girl to service you, however you would like. This includes anything from oral sex, hand jobs, etc… You are more than welcome to dictate how you finish as well. Ejaculating into her mouth is also ok.

Please understand

We only deliver girls, to hotels in the mid-Tokyo area.

We do not guarantee your ejection.

All sales are final, we do not return the fee in any condition.

After the girl has been delivered, you are not allowed to change girls.

Girls may not be good at English conversation, we apologise for an inconvenience this may cause for you.

We hope you enjoy experiencing Japanese sex culture, but please remember to be courteous, and that you must follow all directions and the rules. Thank you!


In accordance with the law

Having sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited.

Any acts to which the girl refuses, is prohibited.

There must only be one person in the room, and the facility must be secure so that one cannot easily enter the room.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be charged for all related expenses, this includes, but is not limited to, hospital expenses and compensation. Also your act will be regarded as rape, and we will call the police.

In case you do not want to call yourself, you may ask someone to make a reservation for you in Japanese, and ask for details to make sure you enjoy our “Fuzoku” service.

No photo under any circumstances

This chat is activated during Sam’s working time.